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The city builds energy-saving development business shoulder heavy responsibiliti
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The city builds energy-saving development business shoulder heavy responsibilities

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On August 30, the leader of concerned construction branch comments on the loudly appeal to the public on the meeting in expert of project of China trade center: “ city construction needs more to dare to put forward landed development to want to be in charge of to the city like China trade center, hard implementation city value is the greatest change, those who be urban function is perfect the development company that makes outstanding contribution! ”

The “ thirteenth that as People's Republic of China construction ministry sponsors China International city is built (case) one of thematic activities of exhibition ” , this second expert comments on meeting strive to pass expert scholar to make an on-the-spot investigation to the spot of project of China trade center, the direct communication with the enterprise, analyse this project to build medium demonstrative value in the city deep, it is better to lead an industry progress, stimulative city builds benign development.

In building a course, project of China trade center pays attention to the deepness of pair of land value to dig, value of optimization of implementation building product, land is the greatest change, urban value is the greatest change. On August 18, china trade center is judged to be “ Apollo city to build laurel case ” by committee of check study of construction of China International city, beijing country China buy course of study Fang Chao of limited company president also is judged to be “ China city to build prominent figure ” .

Fang Chao expresses: “ city is made by the environmental relation between building and building. China trade center emphasizes a city designing a concept, establish the sense of responsibility to the city. We should be become be thankful, tell the favour, company that pay a debt of gratitude! ” is current, the 1 million China trade centers of smooth rice are pressing expectant plan to be fulfilled stage by stage. Office building is entered halt rate already achieved 45 % , future will have 11000 much people handle official bussiness here; Heaven and earth of China trade new light solved the obtain employment of 5000 much people, be about to the JW10000 a person of extraordinary powers of practice, Li Saika Er pauses the obtain employment that two hotels will solve 12000 much people. Exceed estimation according to the room, after total investment uses project of China trade center will provide source of a few duty every year for the country, the economy to CBD will rise to pull a movement to use.

The lead that builds a department points out, what China trade center is urban function is perfect made outstanding contribution with promotion. Fang Chao dares to put forward to be in charge of to urban construction, pay attention to in project construction reduce environmental pollution, implementation land value is the greatest change, behaved the aspirations of an industrialist that has social sense of responsibility, also be entrepreneur of a far-sighted below the big setting that changes globalization of economy of high speed development, world in current China city, the inevitable choice that company profit contacts together closely with whole society, country, nation.
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