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The zoology of office building is architectural
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The zoology of office building is architectural

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Zoology architecture is on the meaning of modern science, pay close attention to person and the relationship that build nature, the world view of ” of syncretic of “ day person that is the same as doctrine of Chinese ancient time, having essential accord.

So-called modes of life and relation to their environment is architectural (Acologies) or call a building ecology (Arcology) , it is to build the ecology that concerns in research nature living things and its environment accrete (the building on Ecology) theory foundation plans to devise theory and method; Perhaps had changed for, it is function of activity of the life on exploration earth the ecology of balanced development is outspread a branch at architectural domain, report gives the value orientaton of modern building thoughts.

Office building and zoology are architectural

According to the achievement of modern science and technology, zoology architecture is creating artificial ecosystem process according to natural ecosystem in, should achieve the balance that energy and material shed, namely ecological balance principle. So-called capabilities flows, namely energy flows, should include sun radiant balance, the balance of temperature and wind energy, water can assemble and change etc; And material flows, namely material circulates, should include all rich, wait like land natural resources, water natural resources, forest natural resources.

Generally speaking, no matter the building of the concentration in the city or it is dispersed at rural medium room is abandoned, often show a kind of sense to cosmic design, and those who serve as azimuth, solar term, wind direction and constellation is symbolistic. Present office building is at the beginning of development, also can differ the level land program according to zoology architecture, wait in configuration of a sector of an area, front, building and in-house establishment be able to reflect, and architectural completion also can hold and comply with a day to and with for model result is added run, achieve ” of syncretic of “ day person to state of be apt to, satisfy requirement.

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