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Office building property manages knowledge
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Office building property manages knowledge

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: The character of office building property and use requirement, the working content that decided office building manages daily and working key basically are in the following respects:

One, sale promotion

As a result of property of profitability of office building eaves (commercial property) characteristic, deciding sale promotion is firstly regular administrative job content. Current office building house besides little part for private use, use at sell and renting for the most part (basically be rental) . The whole bodily form of office building is modelled like the design, propagandist promotion, of office space break up layout and promotion to transform, the market analyses survey, with buy the contact that hires a client, negotiation, autograph to make an appointment with, the client is complained with the requirement accept with processing, client and management person, the harmony of the relation between client and client, and constituent client attends a purpose to depend on contact emotive all sorts of couplet friendship activities sale that all attributes office building extends working scope.

Because change invests place, way, annex, go bankrupt the influence that waits for all sorts of reasons, office building client's fluctuant circumstance happens from time to tome, inherent client is decorated afresh to office space, the area increase and decrease, requirement that changes plant layout and service to wait often also exists. Accordingly, enrol to attract enter and tarry client, the sale servive routine of office building is very important regular the job, otherwise, unwarrantable the higher rate that hire carry out, affect the earnings of office building property.

The sale staff with this due and technical respect works downstage in office building or create special office office, undertake market level survey, seek cause client actively, ask for already the client sees to the use meaning of property, endeavor to satisfy the requirement of each respect client, make sure property carries the higher rate that hire carry out.

2, the service of business affairs center and management

Orgnaization of office of large office building is centered, business affairs is busy, the business affairs center that can provide all sorts of business affairs to serve an item commonly (as similar as large public house, guesthouse) .

1, the plant layout of business affairs center

The main facility that business affairs center must provide and things have Chinese and English processor, printer, electrograph, typewriter, computer, bound machine, model to seal equipment of machine, nuncupative recorder, TV, phone, movie and TV, measuring projector and screen, camera and other office to use. The equipment of facility of business affairs center can be added according to serving a purpose and acquire.
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