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Most probably optional location of new and high company values a talent to devel
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Most probably optional location of new and high company values a talent to develop ability

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Come from Pudong an investigation that the industry includes outside serving to developing shows, most probably new and high enterprise is on optional location, what value most is not taxation and hardware, however the talent of this area develops ability. This year in November, already settle wraps trade center foreign enterprise to disclose to the reporter outside the software inside area of Zhang Jiang garden, talent reserve and education are the biggest problem that they face in outspread great ambition. Because invite applications for a job is less than right high-end talented person, end this year in September, because this quited professional work of the bag outside 8 finance that come from Japanese client,limited company of sea otter soft IT is returned on.

The talent develops demand of choose and employ persons of enterprise of actual strength activation

Not long ago, in Zhang Jiang innovation learns the first floor of the courtyard, the reporter sees, the employee of resurgence communication is grooming here. A resurgence communication is settle Pudong Zhang Jiang famous inside endowment center of research and development. Come a few years, resurgence communication develops quickly in Zhang Jiang. According to divulging, inside year, resurgence communication develops the software that builds a 1200 people in Zhang Jiang the center, already finished at present industrial and commercial register, next year sales revenue will exceed 1 billion yuan.  

Of “ software center establish, basically be to rely on Shanghai especially talent advantage of Zhang Jiang. The uncovering that Zhang Jiang achieves new learning courtyard card, more let an enterprise feel what government of Pudong new developed area fosters to the talent to take seriously. Next year, we will recruit 800 new employee again, institute of innovation of proposal Zhang Jiang and the combination of resurgence communication institute that are in Shenzhen rise groom. Chen Suming of director of administration of center of research and development of Shanghai of “ resurgence communication says.

Talent resource has become optional location of new and high company the first think. With resurgence communication of similar case still have American EDS company (electronic information system) , this is company of service of simple news of first of rank of a whole world, it is business of the bag outside the international service that is next to IBM. “ respecting includes the story of Zhang Jiang of Pudong of central optional location outside Asia-Pacific headquarters and whole world, from do not open business river innovation institute. “EDS Asia-Pacific division develops vice-president Liu Jinran to say.
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