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ZhongGuanCun international moves Haidian of the optional location that overflow
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ZhongGuanCun international moves Haidian of the optional location that overflow a city a building

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: ZhongGuanCun international moves free city to was in Haidian on September 23 ave a building is formal practice, haidian area also will be become to overflow the mark sex that gives priority to a problem in order to move here edifice.  

ZhongGuanCun international uses free wall 3 are game IT circumjacent product, include sport aircraft company " play not tired " , " new machine ground " and " report plays a bus " the delegate enterprise that waits for domestic game plane; Move those who overflow a design to represent computer of brand machine apple to reveal experience office; Sale of computer of China large game experiences an area; Shop of product of Chinese king number and all sorts of game software sell a division. 4 use area of free high-quality goods for international, well-known trademark enters the international such as Japan, Korea in succession halt. 5 move cinema of area of free high-quality goods, 4D and revolving stage for the nation, ka of frog of cat of card cruel, star, grand dream, gram, Ka homebred move the produce that overflow develop to gather hereat, become homebred the concentration that uses free brand sells a division. 6 are amah moves He Xiyang of free theme dining-room the experience that the edition of set limit to of high-quality goods of partial Hong Kong and Taiwan such as ocean uses free product is on sale area.

Serve as major move orgnaization of free estate operation, in moving the upsurge that overflows industrial development, zhongGuanCun international moves the current situation that sober, thorough ground analysed free city to use free property and development foreground, through comprehensive argumentation of the expert, found the fixed position of oneself well and truly.

ZhongGuanCun international uses free wall is to move those who overflow a product to reach its to derive a product to be on sale experience platform. Gathered to move free product outstandingly domestic and internationally to reach its to derive a product here, use free product will not only the develop produce such as the toy with bureau onefold be confined to, want however move free periphery product relevantly to be attracted as far as possible come in, make the terminal that uses free industry chain, face broad consumer directly.

ZhongGuanCun international uses free wall hatch of industry of ZhongGuanCun of have the aid of implement function, finish move free creation to arrive from the product of commodity change, the management mode of the factory after the inn before implementation, the help is achieved formerly model move those who overflow an enterprise to perfect industrial catenary to join, supportive China is moved free start development formerly.
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