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The expert builds Yan Kunming CBD
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The expert builds Yan Kunming CBD

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click:   Li Yanfeng: CBD and circumjacent business are complementary win-win

Discussing Kunming CBD when this topic, dean of business school of college of Yunnan finance and economics Professor Li Yanfeng thinks, because Kunming city old the city zone lacks long-term construction program, did not develop the space of CBD almost. As municipal government remove, in municipal government seat one belt made CBD make the opportunity of out of print. My individual thinks, the central position of the Kunming old city that this area history forms, of business shedding, content shedding, stream of people collect degree, for CBD construction established good postulate, accordingly, it is in order to save gymnasium east, develop east Lu Jinbi road is south, Beijing road is on the west, people east the road is north (outspread even be spun to the cloud and factory of Yunnan machine tool) , it is pattern of Kunming optimal CBD.

"My individual not quite hold with an east wind square to delimit CBD. " Li Yanfeng teachs say, east wind square is having not replaceable history mark, be old Kunming center is indicative one of, at the same time green Kunming needs the green environment of east wind square, kunming person needs the recreational environment of east wind square, CBD also will promote value because of east wind square.

After Professor Li Yanfeng analysed characteristic of Kunming trade position, think, as long as CBD distribution is equitable, will form complementary win-win situation with other business.

At present long-term nature forms the commercial position of Kunming city, the high-end fixed position of the fixed position of in a popular style that the fashionable fixed position that trader of 3 city market encircles, small Xi Menshang encircles, Jin Long and group of golden division trade formed characteristic, and because fixed position is unsharpness,young distance business is encircled the position drops.

Traffic of center of existence of position of Kunming town trade, area commerce, community commerce and characteristic commerce distributing the issue that lacks administrative levels, if distribution is equitable, will form arrangement with CBD reasonable, the pattern of complementary win-win. Zhang Min of our newspaper reporter

  Zhang Ting: Competition of the trade inside CBD has pressure more

In the tentative plan that offers in Kunming city, east wind square comes between Bai Dalu, just can surround into a quadrate area, include hotel of big public house of hotel of market of flowers of Shang Yi street, oriental cherry, oasis, Kunming among them; Circumjacent industry involves place of finance, telegraphic, electric power and tobacco and of all kinds business affairs office, high-grade office building. So Where is commerce? The golden dragon general merchandise that center of standard of general merchandise of dragon having gold, gold and the end of the year are about to offer is collected inn. Apart does not exceed kilometre between retailing shop of 3 general merchandise, be located in high end to consume surely likewise, this just accords with the CBD fixed position in the city.
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