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Gao Zhi: Office building should be the important segment of urban industry caten
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Gao Zhi: Office building should be the important segment of urban industry catenary

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Old design experience, make the development construction of my general office building looks already lucid “ easy to read and understand ” . Development business won't build office building to the country, office building is certainly in the city, and often the city that economy amounts to even more, office building is taller, this explains, want to had made office building, had sold office building at the same time, the first problem, should make clear a city first what is the concern that this kind of configuration follows office building?

Office building development has design corrupt practice

Do the development business of office building now, a lot of malpractice exist on the design. On the thought, of rash advance more than wanting conservatively to be gotten more. Carry easily centenary not backward, do not lag behind 50 years. The height of office building often can reflect an office building in a city the ” of discretion of fixed position “ to oneself.

Berlin, did not exceed 200 meters building, be 100 meters come forward; Bangkok, city of a travel, also be burgeoning city of the Asia, holding out to 200 meters now into; Hong Kong, 300 meters building cans be found everywhere. But, go after height blindly, to the development of office building, not be meddlesome.

I think, cannot ask every building makes structure of ground mark sex, should from set out actually, should consider this building to have necessary make ground bid, can make ground bid, blindly try to please the public with claptrap is the big fear that builds a design absolutely.

Such view, actually very harmful. Most time, become greenery readily, do not contend for “ highest ” with ground mark, more advantageous to urban development. Look in Gao Zhi, an office building whether as organic as circumjacent hotel business atmosphere union, form ” of catenary of “ city industry, to office building sell and rent, more significant.

So, some office building appearance are very general, but lease is particularly good, cost of some office building is particularly high, but lease is very bad, sell very badly even, this among them the problem that the most important is not a technology, however it turns the opportunity to the market, whether to form effective chain with this city.

System of office building guiding constant by oversight

In planning actually, the guiding of office building system, constant by oversight. Office building is public, theoretic who to tell to be able to go. Be in public, when building an office building, sell kitchen knife, change rice be in with what carry atom bomb truly when, how to go discerning? How to go arranging? Very important is to lead a system. But we see too much office building, hardly this covers a system, even some office building need find a toilet with nose. Why? Do not have a mark.
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