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Situ Wencong: How does commercial real estate realize essence of life to follow
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Situ Wencong: How does commercial real estate realize essence of life to follow fixed position

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: When I receive this topic, I feel this topic suits me to tell very much, stress the importance of the exact location of commercial real estate, how do when telling us to do commercial real estate, we hold fixed position. A moment ago cruel when always telling Xidan exultation city, this project is in nearly 9 years 2, from situation, the cooperative spirit of the group, professional, still have an expert, I feel Xidan exultation city, should saying is a project with integrated first-rate condition, prove them so this project, exact location follows peace always they this group has very main concern. Sponsor square hope today me with big square is exemple discuss the fixed position issue that discusses commercial real estate.

big square must succeed today, without doubt, before two years we changed his fixed position, his fixed position changed his outlook. So I am shared with everybody today. I remember the seminar that has attended a lot of times, the seminar divides the expert of kind of type, the first kind is academic sex, they have a lot of, from different economy, different case, see a lot of famous projects, they summed up to have height quite, and the content that has speech of a academic him appropriative very much. Additionally one kind of expert, they pass experience of a few actual combat, walk over from one pace, they are experienced, their eye is valued, they are come up against, and encounter a lot of problems, grow from inside difficulty the expert that come over, I locate to oneself today is to compare actual combat model personage. I also hope the angle from actual combat is shared with everybody today. I think we can communicate this opportunity well today, hope everybody can find very good to future of Chinese commerce estate height inspire, this is the purpose that I hope to achieve today.

A moment ago had told the project that big square is the destiny that changes him through fixed position, why should I have this fixed position, analyse through what method the problem ability of big square changes his today's destiny, after we know his fixed position, we must urge a few strategies, a few methods, how do we turn it into the item that can carry out. really only the change can bring a few good profits for him. I made contrast of simple a few data.

big square, a lot of colleagues may have gone, big square is by the 500 strong companies before Thailand the project with big wholy-owned group, also asked a lot of experts. This project locates 11 floor, underground has 3 floor, this project 2 years of practice, to now already in time of 5 years. Will tell from 90 time project approving, from financial storm, experienced shutdown to arrive start, start again shutdown, wind storm rain, below the circumstance of the rental positive result that he has 30% to be less than only, push formally July in 6 years to the society, official start business, this is this project most of failure one is nodded. If his total rental acreage is under the word of 50% , difficulty is very big. We big square did business formally below such setting external 2002 at that time, caused so later a series of difficult. 5 the end of the year when, I am passed a few think take-overed the management of big square, manage, the change is become today's big square. the situation before big square is one is not traditional business area, with Xidan different, with east sheet is different, with Wang Fu the well is different, this area itself does not have commerce, his itself is to belong to the project that compares difficulty to start, he is in blame tradition grows in shopping centre region rise, there is not stream of people namely at that time. The project of a 250 thousand square metre, one day has two only 30 thousand stream of people, you can know his management is very difficult.
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