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What is city synthesis its value wheres
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What is city synthesis its value wheres

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: The value of city synthesis is reflected from come up at all say to depend on its special function compound sex. City synthesis is collect hotel, office building, commerce, high-grade a variety of urban industry condition such as apartment at an organic whole, commerce, office, live etc muti_function urban space joins through reasonable liaison man, organic combination, mutual depend on sb or sth for existence, promote in coordination. Will tell city synthesis from the value of city and area is the mark with contemporary metropolitan international not only, it is ecbolic prosperity and civilization more, arouse the engine of urban vigor. Look from the value of project oneself, city synthesis was overcome well live purely, the limit that business affairs place causes future to develop, have very strong ego to grow, the ego prosperity, vitality that develops continuously, it is the heart that city beats 24 hours, it is the center with city and the most flourishing area!

   The feature of 9 great value of city synthesis

City synthesis is reached through its interior commerce, business affairs live etc all sorts of functions are integrated and complementary, the value that establishs mutual depend on sb or sth for existence concerns, the urban diversification that makes it can get used to different period of time thereby lives, can undertake ego is updated with adjust. According to the area with city located synthesis, function and the relation with periphery, baconian rise the feature that nine highlights:

   1. tall accessibility, convenience sex

City synthesis is located in urban transportation network to develop normally, the section that urban function focuses relatively: The urban future of the deputy center of CBD of urban center area, city or program develops new developed area, own network of as main as the city with outside close connection transportation and information network.

   Sex of 2. high density, intensive

Height of city synthesis building and density all very tall, form the phenomenon with bristly high-rise normally, make its a mark that the area makes a city; Population density is big, stream of people is concentrated, by day, pass in and out of stream of people of workaday business affairs is concentrated; Night and live on the weekend, concentration of consumptive stream of people; Population of day and night, weekday and population basis function differs on the weekend and form complementary; The function is centered in the round.

   3. rectifies body oneness

Style of city synthesis structure is unified, each monomer buildings in city synthesis cooperate each other, influence and connection; Group of the construction in city synthesis and environment of outer space whole are unified, harmonious.
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