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La Zuan international every angle is a target
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La Zuan international every angle is a target

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Multidimensional office building of pure property right of clothbound of out of print of CBD of La Zuanbai building


La Zuan international is multidimensional, have not only on, below, the level on left, right space, still have the past, mix now in the future the level on time, also only multidimensional level ability is formed rich, the building that has level perception.

Horn of southeast of La Zuan international

The Haihe River is the blood of ferry city, as “ leaf ” Feng Huaqiao communicates a river this east, the be well versed in of hub bridge uses the river on the west, garrison La Zuan international, the far more than that experiences is Haihe River landscape, those who establish is commercial overlord position more.

Horn of northeast of La Zuan international

Big bright bridge, mussel port bridge is in nearly very close, two sides of Haihe River of be well versed in, atmosphere is dye-in-the-wood, form stereo traffic system, extend in all directions. On the level of space of office of La Zuan international, far hope the edifice is bristly, look down at freely bridge, listen to riparian running water nearly, the “ cruel oppression of the people of bazaar go on an expedition … forms sound of running water of trickling sluggishly of ” sound be mingled with to be abounded one pair, building picture of perception, river of renown bridge name accompanies a building.

Horn of southwest of La Zuan international

The sunshine illuminate all things of warmth of ” of care of thing of “ housekeeping, pragmatic, the world, at every turn, companion is listening bright read book sound, what bazaar go on an expedition, rise from all directions of smoke of gunpowder, the winner is bandit of the king person that be defeated … is here, a cup of green tea, a clear picture, a book, breathing the book fragrance of famous institution of higher learning, experiencing a kind of freeboard office state that breaks away from dust.

Horn of northwest of La Zuan international

CBD of focusing white building, road of Nanjing of ferry city megalosaurus, exotic scene liberates a road, 4 lines surround, many are experienced, this point of view is strong just. Fell the costly, humanitarian sublimate of flourishing, a sector of an area of commerce, the Cheng Hua of form a complete set. See green water is filled with before the window, it is an edifice after that bristly, “ draws near according to hill the host that water ” is La Zuan international, then is commerce is flourishing, already reality is full of artistic conception again. We at ordinary times working picture, refracting the stereo feeling that come out is so strewn at random have send, activity is appropriate, on the outspread, dot that makes the existence of La Zuan international had a face to go up deepen, the span on time.
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