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How does whole office building sign sheet? Want to distinguish the property that
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How does whole office building sign sheet? Want to distinguish the property that buy the home

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What the basis buys a property is different, the story signing sheet of whole office building has some of difference a little. But, we still can find out a few clue from which, undertake classified thereby. The process signing sheet of will whole office building dogs after all.

How to let large state-owend enterprise buy sheet to renovate an office building?

The first pace: Seek a client

the office building item that sells large state-owend enterprise to a provision is whole, want to establish sale channel above all, mining gives these to have potentially buy capacity and have the large company that buys demand. How the lock with accurate essence decides cause client is the biggest task.

Be to pass a representative to go? The answer is negative. Dai Deliang invests department director Cao to read aloud a country to express all right, at present the project of very much full carry out is investment just talk directly with development business decide, did not go through acting as agent or intermediary orgnaization.

Lv Xiang of chief inspector of subject city sale confirmed Cao attends national sentence. “ we are we go talking, the client also won't look for acting travel ” .

So, how to establish the communication channel with the client?

To this, " optional location " magazine 6 years the 4th period a problem is " who is next large sheet buys the home " write in the article: “ alone key of office building sale depends on database analysis and channel construction. ” this article is with head office of construction of Chinese chemical industry exemple undertook case is analysed, judge accordingly: Can buy 300 million yuan of RMBs alone the enterprise of office building, the floor level of financial standing is: Capital total 1.5 billion yuan; Net assets 500 million yuan; Liquid assets 1 billion yuan; Year income 1 billion yuan. And, “ acquires available data library through all sorts of means and undertake financial standing analyses the fundamental ” that is sale.

Obtain a database, the financial standing that analyses potential client perhaps is the lock decides the necessary job before the client, but the reporter discovers,not be completely such.

East the Pearl River of concoctive manager Wei of the 5th square says 2 annulus new project, we did not go to “ seek a client, however him client will look for us. ” sounds make a person fab it seems that.

However, the sale chief inspector of the item with another similar fixed position also expresses: It is the enterprise searchs come to come.

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