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Buy secondhand the room is handed in carefully " intent gold "
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Buy secondhand the room is handed in carefully " intent gold "

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Never have in laws and regulations of law of concerned estate of Vartext="   state " intent gold " this one formulation, but in secondhand the room trades in, estate intermediary business is used often however " intent gold " this one view. The oral explanation of intermediary business and autograph make an appointment with content to often be widely divergent, let a lot of consumer eat " be unable to speak out about one's grievances " .

Learned from the court yesterday, because look,handed in curtly when the room " intent gold " , miss Xu for nothing loss 30 thousand yuan of money.

Miss Xu says in sue, this year March, she took a fancy to one point value 1.48 million yuan secondhand room. Business of house property intermediary says to her: Source of room of this a sector of an area is close spruce, to arrest another person first, you had better sign book of the intent that buy a house to hand in 30 thousand yuan first " intent gold " . If do not buy this flatlet to retreat,do not retreat when Miss Xu inquiry " intent gold " moment, the clerk of this intermediary business expresses solemnly, if both sides talks not approach, "Intent gold " but sum is returned.

Miss Xu was signed with this intermediary then " entrust buy intent book " paid this the pen " intent gold " . Morrow, had seen a room on the spot together when she and domestic person model hind, think the front of the building is bad, ask to business of house property intermediary cancel buys a room to entrust return still " intent gold " when, refuse. But under, she is forced to invite a lawyer to sue a court.

The accused business of intermediary of some house property criterion argue says, collection " intent gold " trade one kind be house property broker habit, "Do not talk " it is to show the condition of the person that buy a house is not sold a place to accept, this kind of circumstance should be returned of course " intent gold " . In room intent book is being bought with the commission that Xu signs in oneself, writing for nothing obviously " sell just agree to press Miss Xu to purchase total namely terms of payment sells, gold of primary purpose turns for deposit " , and the Sun Mou selling the home in this case gives to the condition buying a house of Miss Xu affirm, reason " intent gold " turn for " deposit " fair and reasonable.

After the court is tried, think, bilateral place signs " entrust buy intent book " the expression that belongs to bilateral and real intention, although sell room person Sun Mou to was not made,sign on the spot, but business of house property intermediary already handed in additionally two him to make that day sign affirm, explain Sun Mou already accepted Miss Xu to wait to admit really to the price, payment, responsibility of breach of contract. Sun Mou accepted the requirement that Miss Xu raises, and collection by pass on of business of house property intermediary " intent gold " , the property of this money is changed namely for deposit. Collection of business of house property intermediary " intent gold " behavior, department generation sells a Sun Mou collection deposit, and already gave Sun Mou selling the home this pass on. So, accuser Miss Xu in this case asks to return " intent gold " lawsuit, forensic court decision does not grant to support.
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