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The lawyer that buy a house gives you a court: How to sign contract of the room
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The lawyer that buy a house gives you a court: How to sign contract of the room that order

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Vartext="   Chen Yuping: Everybody is good. The contract that before my the first introduction is bought today, signs, a bit very important, this house is placed in you, after and was handed in counting frontal deposit certainly, development chamber of commerce signs a creature of and so on of the book that decide a room with you, at this moment the model for painting that you should ask to develop business to offer contract of business of house of a commodity and compensatory agreement to you, after be being taken, more sufficient time undertakes study to relevant provision, be in with development business certainly the respect of a few keys in signing contract process, had done the work of a few preparation that signs a contract.

The 2nd, before signing a contract, want again the relevant certificate of authorized real-estate project, the land that resembles a project uses and so on of licence of card, sale, when signing a contract, want to undertake examine and verify to these certificate again, these certificate basically include land use licence of program of card, construction, construction uses permit of go into operation of ground licence, construction, a the most important sale that is Beijing commodity house perhaps opens to booking licence, according to the relevant provision of Beijing, the certificate original that sells license is making work building site is pensile, the original of certificate can see in site of carry out building, if you see this project is to show a house, development business says with you this house does not need to handle sale license, should ask to develop business to show other a few credentials to you. If you see original,sell license, still can inquire the mark that sells license through getting online, agree with examination limits photograph.

Having again is whether land card mortgaged, land uses card to have page of a remarks, if developed Shang Xiangyin to undertake developing loan all right, in land access the meeting on card has make clear. Still have the business charter of development business, the land that there is estate to develop business in scope of operations manages a license, if sale agent company undertakes selling, want to undertake examine and verify to his qualification, for example charter and wait with the accredit book between development business.

The 3rd, want to carry relevant a few certificate, if be Peking Man, need carries id card, if be to buy economy applicable room, still have number of households and total population this, if be an other place, need has Id and temporary residence permit, if be a company,buy a house, need has do business the photocopy that illuminate is waited a moment.
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