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How to handle house property card
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How to handle house property card

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Vartext="     (1) register close. The first program that property right registers is registered namely close. Register receive an application that expresses to be in charge of mechanism to accept property right person to hold the right. Accordingly, property right person must fill in requisition, hand in check to concern proof, certificate; Via examining those who accord with the condition that register, give close. Accept requisition namely, receive and keep needs what examine further to concern proof, certificate.

(2) plot of collate a unit of length. It is the estate that registers to already applying for property right is chased door, chase place undertake on-the-spot reconnaissance, make a thorough investigation of room ground current situation, measure computation area, check wall put oneself in another's position attributive, scale distributes grave plan, fill to measure or be repaired measure a building to distribute a plan, be examined in the round for property right and card of n/arc drafting hair provides a basis.

(3) property right is examined. To applying for the building that register, through serious and meticulous on-the-spot reconnaissance and measure cartography, mastered a building after data of all what is actually happening, can turn into property right to examine.

Property right examines the real data that is the historical data with property right archives and on-the-spot investigation reconnaissance to be a foundation, with the country active policy, law and concerned administrative regulations are a basis, contrast certificate of watch of bound of the requisition that the applicant refers, wall, property right, proof, chase door, it is clear to pursue a source of building property right that investigates its to apply for to register seriously, property right move and building are fluctuant whether to wait legally whole and complex painstaking working process.

Those who need a specification is, it is comprehensive that the property right here is examined, more meticulous property right is examined, was to pass register the property right after receiving a plot of collate a unit of length to examine.

(4) scale power card. To the estate that the applicant applies for, it is OK to affirm through examining after issueing property right card, answer to turn in time into phase of the card that restrict right. The main job of this phase is the property right certificate that scale should issue.

(5) collect fees hair card. It is the final order that property right registers the job that send card, the requirement captures the receivable cost that register put in storage, extend the authority card that should issue in droit hand.

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