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Investment real-estate project must want legal issue of the attention a few time
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Investment real-estate project must want legal issue of the attention a few times

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Project of Vartext="   real-estate is current chinese mainland minority the industry with a few average high gain, especially advanced a few years, the profit enough sudden huge profits that its get will describe. Although because the country is macroscopical,policy of economic adjusting control is affected now, this industry lies in delicate evolution, but will analyse from another angle, because money is constrictive, national policy still not Anacreontic, development business is faced with a lot of estate to capital is in short supply and do not have low awkward situation to prospective market risk, they are pressing at that time need seeks a partner, will can remove capital shortage predicament, the 2 market risks that will can reduce future, accordingly, also be the optimal period that investor enters at the moment. But the complication systematic project that because real-estate project is a capital,cycle of construction of concentrated, development grows, begin to build a sale to end in its inside this paragraph of time, need is assumed many can be forecasted and uncertain sealed risk. Accordingly, invest real-estate project, must want pair of this trades run whole process to have complete knowledge.

According to the information data analysis with at present knowable place, the risk that estate development place can encounter but reduce is the following 4: It is a country the risk of macroscopical economy adjusting control; The 2 legal hazards that are project development; 3 it is market risk; The 4 risks that are force majeure. In these 4 risks, legal hazard is the easiest pilot, also be the risk that produces the most likely, and other 3 risks are the enterprise is uncontrollable, can make only forecast beforehand avoid it as far as possible to happen. Practice of judicatory of the following union makes brief analysis with respect to this law hazard, for everybody entrepreneur consults (have investment in the light of the real-estate project that has existed) .

   One, the lawful sex problem of real-estate project

This is the legal problem that principal need solves in intervening real-estate project. Of project of a real-estate hold water to want to be protected by law with development, must satisfy: One have the state-owned land access that gains through sell one's own things; 2 have estate company aptitude; 3 have this project to had been in charge of administrative approval of the branch. Had above requirement, the main body that can show this real-estate project is lawful, get legal protection. Of course, actually, light sees above a few respects are far insufficient, e.g. , the program of the project use that develops business to will be examined and approve so via often can having estate, project designs the privately such as parameter to change. If privately changes what cannot obtain a government to approbate, criterion real-estate project cannot be checked and accept through complete put on record, also mean cannot sell the house external and handle property right card. Consider what can obtain a government final approbate, the amerce that that also needs to assume brushstroke not to poor. What the specification needs here is, design parameter to the program of the project, be not cannot be changed. According to provision of our country law, some can be revised, some belongs to mandatory standard of national house project, once examine and approve hind cannot be changed and adjust. Of course, the lawful sex that still has a lot of other sides also needs to examine.
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