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Construction project runs way with ground prejudication
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Construction project runs way with ground prejudication

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Vartext=" is those who make sure land uses overall planning the first times to carry out, control builds the gross that use the land, normative construction project supervises the work with ground prejudication, basis " land of People's Republic of China administers a law " and " method of management of land of People's Republic of China carries out byelaw " , make this way.

This the 2nd method place says to build a project to use ground prejudication (the following abbreviation " prejudication " ) , it is to show in construction project feasibility studies level, branch of director of administration of land of concerned people government is opposite lawfully construction project involves what the item that land uses undertakes to examine. The 3rd prejudication ought to follow following principle:

(one) land utility control;

(2) cogent protection farmland;

(3) reasonable use land with intensive;

(4) project of construction of emphasis of safeguard infrastructure, nation uses the land.

The town that the provision of law of construction project according to such as the 4th the sources of energy, traffic, irrigation works, mine, military affairs requires to use land to use overall planning to decide truly builds the land outside the limits that use the land, involve agricultural of the ground, build a project to be approved by people government, prejudication job is in charge of a branch to be in charge of by the land administration of this people government; Construction project belongs to a branch to approve by the people government place that has approval right, prejudication job is in charge of a branch to be in charge of by the administration of the land that be the same as class of this branch.

The city that project of the 5th construction needs to take up land uses overall planning to decide builds the state-owned construction inside the limits that use the land to use the land, prejudication job is in charge of a branch to be in charge of by administration of land of government of people of the city that builds project seat, county.

When unit of the 6th construction puts forward prejudication to apply for, ought to submit following data, the administration of people government land that works by responsible prejudication is in charge of a branch to accept directly:

(one) the formal document that files prejudication;

(2) file of give an official of project proposal book;

(3) construction project feasibility considers to report, what ought to include land to use among them is paragraphic, content includes case of program optional location, with the ground total dimensions and capital of the type that use the land, compensatory farmland fulfil a circumstance to wait;
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