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Traffic bank announces first times to cancel compulsive room to borrow in the ro
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Traffic bank announces first times to cancel compulsive room to borrow in the round danger

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Bank of Vartext="   transportation announced recently, to cooperate " country 6 " policy of house property adjusting control, reduce room of the person that buy a house to shift pressure, in this newest the individual room that publish shifts new policy in, former the house that the client must buy is borrowed danger, change now by the client " freewill decision " whether to buy. Hand in become country from this all right 5 big in the first buys a room compulsively to borrow the bank of danger no longer inside complete travel limits.

Do not set a client " doorsill "

"Whether be willing to be sure, in which company the housing loan such as insurance and formula of credit of insurance cost capture is sure matters concerned, decide completely of one's own accord by the client. " hand in travel news spokesman to express, the room borrows danger derate not demarcate client condition. Hand in cancel this all right mandatory the room is borrowed danger, in home 5 go in foremost row in big travel.

Last year in October, be versed in travel head office ever also announced, allow a client to choose to buy a room to borrow independently danger, not minor sensation is caused in industry. But in be being carried out actually, be restricted to accord with high grade client of the condition only however, this makes this one policy old sell at a discount. Current, travel and Construction Bank also are in high grade client is only OK compulsive room borrows derate danger.

Clinch a deal shrink the quantity is advocate because of

"The room is borrowed danger not only can reduce bank loan risk effectively, and the bank still can obtain certain proportional poundage from insurance company. The bank cancels to be borrowed at the room with advantageous oneself is forced come out nearly. " some state-owned bank room borrows Shanghai department chief tells a reporter, business atrophy, competition is shifted in the room below the circumstance of ceaseless aggravate, the bank cancels a room to borrow danger, meaning in abandon " Xiaoli " and seek attract a client, enlarge market share " big profit " .

The expert expresses concern

Hao Yan of head of department of insurance of university of central finance and economics revive express, the person that the bank lets a room borrow chooses to buy insurance independently, due and other replace avoid risk measure. He says, "If not be sure, so the building that guaranty of the person that the room is borrowed is in a bank, if wait for natural disaster to mar because of the typhoon, who will assume the loan risk of the bank? If usurer is lost because of contingency,still shift capacity, how to do again? How to do again??
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