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House property is new politics: Hot money times ends
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House property is new politics: Hot money times ends

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Vartext="   makes stop foreign capital to invest Chinese estate directly, did not seal dead foreign capital to enter channel, but investment cost lifts with what exit a doorsill, reach delivered policy to direct, will produce far-reaching effect

Although the talk is long already the restricted policy that enters real estate to foreign capital just is released formally, but, the personage inside mass course of study all took this before a week the file that waits for countersign of six ministries and commissions by total bureau of tax of bureau of exchange control of construction ministry, state, state.

The file separates a side, add up to 14, meaning in admittance of foreign capital of normative estate market and management. Industry thinks generally, from specific in light of executive angle, sanction of machine gun of the investment outside the condition that this file decides dimensions to having one is finite, but the policy that hands among them is oriented not allow to ignore however. Invest a respect in estate at least, of this file come on stage mean, the times that encourages hot Qian Jin to enter ended.

   8 ministries and commissions pull a net to cast be restricted

The new document that this just issues, to valueing the orgnaization outside the condition of Chinese estate or individual it is an immediate blow. Above all, they invest the road of Chinese estate to was sealed to die directly. According to new regulation, if the orgnaization outside the condition and individual are not for for private use, stem from investment objective to buy a house in Chinese churchyard purely however, must have two new requirements:

It is to must apply for to establish a foreign trader to invest an enterprise, in business affairs director branch and office of government of industrial and commercial bank are dealt with register the formalities that register, deal with duty Wu to register to Chinese tax authority;

2 it is to divide an individual beyond, only investment amount exceeds 10 million dollar (contain 10 million dollar) , register capital not under investment amount ability of the orgnaization outside the condition of 50 % is in China to invest estate permissibly.

Besides, new regulation is special still point out, those who participate in investment each, agreement and other document must not be transferred in contract, constitution, equity with any forms in, conclude assure to any one party secure redound or covert the clause of fixed redound. The regulation begs branch of Chinese exchange control to buy room settlement of exchange to undertake fathering accusing to gold of condition foreign capital even.

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