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High power international: Hire of Hong Kong office building rises put delay to 1
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High power international: Hire of Hong Kong office building rises put delay to 15%

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: International of property adviser high power publishs building city to go situation forecast, state property invests the market to put delay first half of the year this year, but think to did not come one year this harbor whole hire and office building price still see growth, but opposite first half of the year, rise a meeting to put delay slightly. High power international invests district director introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad filial piety to express continuously, by at economic foreground not Anacreontic, add hit property to invest the market by the crisis last, although overseas investor invests the market to have fun at to Asian area property, but the challenge that needs to face investment redound and credit systole to bring. He points to again, by leave core office building at many tenement change area, in order to escape exalted hire, the hire of first class office building that predicts to did not come one year rises, can put delay to 15% , price predicts to rise 5% . Additional, this company forecasts a person of extraordinary powers to be in curtilage the demand that use the home, and below the case that supplies shortage, predicting floor price still has 5 to reach 10% litres, hire can record about 15% litres.

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