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Gao Wei is round-the-world: Hire of 2 quarters office building rises hasten dela
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Gao Wei is round-the-world: Hire of 2 quarters office building rises hasten delay

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: According to Gao Wei round-the-world report of market of office building of Beijing of the 2nd quarter, as a result of first quarter add newly supply concentration to enter town, office building is average hire rises the 2nd quarter puts impetus delay pace.

The 2nd quarter, beijing the growth momentum of effective clean hire weakens top class, first class and second class office building somewhat, it is RMB of every months of every square metre respectively 350 yuan, 260 yuan mix 180 yuan, with 2008 rise than parting only first quarter 4.0% , 4.1% with 5.0% .

Demand of overall nevertheless market as before exuberant, office building rents big single-phase afterwards to clinch a deal at this quarter, annulus of rate of average sky buy compares first class office building drop 2.5% , fall after a rise arrives 14.5% the left and right sides.

2 quarters still have project of two office building to be rectified to make work: Brandish censures quail censures childish if ι writes τ to censure O of an insect destructive of the roots of seedlings of cellar of  of  of discharge of shaddock of private school of Meng of sheng of ⒋ of Yao of Mu of ㄉ shaddock instrument exhibits?1.9 of Huan of  of chaste tree of  of Xing Xun of evil spirit encompass 100 million yuan; clinch a deal valence makes an appointment with 600 million yuan.

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