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Magendatong issues a report: China or weigh through lowering interest brace up b
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Magendatong issues a report: China or weigh through lowering interest brace up building city

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Magendatong issues a report 6 days with respect to domestic building city, say China may take the step with clear purpose, be stimulated through lowering interest low confused estate market and economic growth.

Li Jing of chairman of department of Chinese security market says Magendatong, concerned China government can roll out policy to support low income to the dweller buys a house and have in the light of business of a few development relax optionally the conjecture of credit is increasing. She points out, china cannot bear of building city drop greatly, nearly 1/4 what because real-estate industry occupied fixed assets,invest, contributed the obtain employment of 10% .

The disaster of “ estate market will spread to other sphere of economy, accordingly we forecast a government to be able to relax optionally the limitation of pair of this domains, ” Li Jing says, what “ wants to prevent whole economy is quick put delay, be necessary to adopt specific measure to stimulate estate domain. ”

Li Jing thinks, the step of supportive building city that the government may take includes to reduce interest rate and bank deposit reserve to lead further, this will indirect ground is helpful for estate market. The in addition possible step that help city still includes to reduce loan head to pay proportion, buy to house of the 2nd flatlet especially reduce the deposit proportion of 40% ; Allow to increase hair debt to be development business bankroll, decrease or derate land value added tax, allow building purchaser to deduct loan to wait from individual income tax. She points out, local government has begun to help a few landed markets, if Sichuan reduced loan head to pay proportion, shenzhen also relaxed to be restricted to developing the loan of business.

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