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Intermediate measures couplet travel: Phenomenon of supply exceeds demand of off
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Intermediate measures couplet travel: Phenomenon of supply exceeds demand of office building of town of a gleam of is highlighted

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Famous real-estate service and intermediate of —— of investment management company measure international couplet released research report to say a few days ago all right, the hire of Asian estate market and capital value are in go a few years climb quickly litre, but already began to put delay now, predict this kind of impetus will last at least 12 months. And the phenomenon of potential supply exceeds demand is highlighting market of office building of town of a gleam of increasingly.

Intermediate measures area of couplet travel Asia-Pacific to study the ministry is in charge of Wen Lijing to express, “ and before what what periodic wave motion differs is, as a result of the market main area still keeps good, predicting Asia-Pacific area is major the range that estate market drops won't be too big. Driving force of long-term structure sex and the anticipation that grow to economy, the capital that will ensure more comes from global estate market continues to enter Asia-Pacific area. ” report thinks, in office building market, more and more companies lay aside office building dilate to plan temporarily, and the main problem that potential supply exceeds demand is making market of Asia-Pacific area share, the small-time market of the city of a gleam of that is in China and Indian suburb this phenomenon especially protruding shows. At present Tokyo already became first to drop into the market of main office building that interval drops in cycle of epicycle wave motion, predicting future 12 also will appear to city of 18 months other similar situation.

The market is extended in business, because appear the trading terms with more difficult more, add newly plus many markets supply swarm into at the same time, hire of predicting future market won't appear to go up considerably raise. Business shop market will continue to appear gross structure sex is adjusted, the rising market such as the China in be in rapid growth and India especially such.

Market of industrial real estate, because progress of economy of Asia-Pacific area each country is fatigued and weak and energy cost on the high side brings about market demand to put delay, predict short-term inside the hire of industrial real estate can go low further.

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