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Intermediate measures couplet travel: Financial seismic sea wave did not affect
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Intermediate measures couplet travel: Financial seismic sea wave did not affect market of Guangzhou office building

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: The financial seismic sea wave that “ engulfs global money market recently is right the influence of Chinese estate market, basically reflect at present in ” of office building market, guangzhou of travel of intermediate quantity couplet and Shenzhen strategy are in charge of Liu Zhenjiang to say when accepting our newspaper reporter to interview.

Measure the situation that couplet monitors all right according to intermediate, financial seismic sea wave is having different level effect to the market of commercial real estate such as domestic office building. But Guangzhou shows exception however.

“ up to now, the industry that gets financial seismic sea wave to affect basically is in investment bank centrally, industry of be in harmony of capital of negotiable securities substandard, but the portfolio that those foreign capital industries that suffer an effect develop in Guangzhou is finite, the demand power of Guangzhou office building is changeless. Additional, the look of things that domestic economy grows is good, need to continue to maintain steady growth inside, accordingly, the effect that office building of Guangzhou first class gets is very small ” , summing up Guangzhou 2008 when market of office building of the 3rd season, liu Zhenjiang say.

Intermediate measures couplet to study the report says all right, this quarter has consign of edifice of the petrifaction in —— of office building of a first class to use only. In petrifaction for private use among them the office building area of 50% , plus impetus of domestic company expansion driving, demand of office building of the 3rd quarter than going up the quarter grows 87% substantially, as a result of,this makes 2007 supply leap and the state with the lopsided supply and demand that create gets fixed rate alleviate. The empty buy of each area leads the 3rd quarter to all show downtrend, rate of whole town empty buy falls to 20.9% . The fall that empty buy leads is preliminary and slow the pressure that average rent of 3 quarters whole town dropped continuously in the past, hire maintains microlitre the smooth condition of 0.2% .

The report thinks, enterprise of predicting future foreign capital plans to be able to get in the dilate of Guangzhou the influence of financial seismic sea wave.

Guangzhou of travel of intermediate quantity couplet and department of Shenzhen market research are in charge of Li Chang to say: “ although they still hold upbeat mood in Chinese business to its, but to staff expansion and the manner that raise office area to hold discretion. On the other hand, domestic company keeps active in the dilate of Guangzhou, it is with the 3rd quarter exemple, alibaba area of augment office building, remove to China international center bear leased three-layer office building. The economic progress that expects stability and the domestic business that expand quickly can continue to sustain growth of demand of Guangzhou office building. ”
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