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2010 annual awards ceremony of the Chinese office building industry on Januar
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As the only senior media-sponsored by the office building industry, the only users directly voted by the customer's annual festival, since 2004, the Housing Information Network, the Beijing office of China Information Network office released the end of each year annual summit held in Billboard and has so far has been successfully held the Sixth, in the social and economic, within the areas of real estate had a good effect. 2004 -2005, the main office to release records of the business opportunities and economic potential; 2005 -2006, the main show of the Internet users, business users directly involved in the Billboard selection activity; 2006 -2007, the fully tap the office in the business of the great capability to fully map out the latest progress of the Beijing office development and innovation; 2007 -2008 year, the office market in 2007 through a comprehensive combing, mining, and to show more quality office projects; 2008 -2009 , the theme of challenges and opportunities, held in Pangu Plaza; 2009-2010, the theme of "Prospects o value," Han Chinese in Beijing International Hotel. China's annual Billboard office to office through the industrial development of the annual review, summary and discussion, voted the most influential real estate industry, business, person, etc. to promote the Chinese real estate development. Billboard named the seventh year of China office, with "o win-win cooperation" as its theme, will once again fully focus on China office sector, commercial real estate industry, the most concern to the industry the year, most business users welcome and most influential real estate, business, people. Online users voted by customers, industry experts and scholars voted fax questionnaires to vote, all the factors from the list of candidates elected in the category of top ten real estate situation, the top ten companies and ten situation and other professional managers. Selected activities will be November 1, 2010 was officially launched on December 31 ended. Candidates for the 2010 Beijing real estate covers all major office buildings, commercial real estate projects. Beijing and more than 100 national television stations, newspapers, magazines, online media will be full coverage of this event. Full list of winners in 2010 (seventh) of office space industry in China be published at the annual meeting and hold a grand ceremony. 1, the evaluation will 2010 China office sector, commercial real estate industry and the most concern to the industry's top ten most influential real estate, the top ten companies and ten professional managers. 2, the election means By editing the filter, the experts recommended, enterprise application involved in the investigation and evaluation, after approval by the list of candidates identified. Dozens of key sites in Beijing, and hundreds of real estate companies, projects related to channel distribution network site ads and text links, all involved in the investigation of the properties, businesses, people placed in http://top.fouxu.com official website on the December 1, 2010 --- the period from December 31 to accept the public's online voting round. 3, the selection system According to real estate, business and people is divided into three categories, respectively, according to the customer users online voting, the industry fax vote, voting experts questionnaire scores of the three composite indicators of candidate properties, businesses, and the weighted comparison characters, the last generation of Chinese office Top Ten real estate industry, situation, situation of top ten enterprises with annual top ten managers and other individual awards. Selection results 12 January 2011 Selection officially announced the results of the Seventh China office in Beijing and China trade office will be the year in Billboard Awards. Leaders of relevant departments will be invited, association leaders, renowned scholars, industry biggest names, the election unit leaders, practitioners, representatives of foreign funds, agency representatives, consultants and client representatives on behalf of Internet users representatives, and invited all major television stations, newspapers, magazines, online media participants reported. Number of participants is expected to exceed 500 people. Annual background Listen: the authority of experts and scholars interpret the New Deal Study: Industry giant new tactics to deal with the crisis Theory: the transformation of business opportunities under the New Deal contained "China office industry's annual conference," is currently the most influential brand of office space industry forum, the Housing Information Network, Beijing office information network founded and co-sponsored the joint authority over, since 2004, has successfully hosted the sixth, in the social economy, real estate in all areas had a significant impact. Annual large-scale, high level of broad, industry-wide open for the participating companies, covering developers, domestic and foreign enterprises, design companies, consultant agencies, funds and other investment banks throughout the office industry chain, China has become a major real estate sector event. Question of the meeting focused on the commercial real estate industry bright spot, hot and difficult, both on the development of the year systematic review of the industry, but also on the overall development trend of the new fiscal year outlook, while a deep analysis of business success and failure, in recognition of the industry leader in real estate promotion , business, people. View inspired people, inspiring role models. In the "ten countries", "Five States" continuously under the control of the New Deal real estate, single residential development model fully reveal the shortcomings and risks. The real estate industry is facing industrial upgrading and transformation. Office in the national economy is a high contribution to the industry, its expansion of employment, lasting taxes, improve quality of life, improve urban quality, in the current expansion of domestic demand and industrial upgrading will undoubtedly play a leading role. So who achieved office in China the next blue ocean? Continuing impact of the New Deal office in China be? Transition from the residential property to office and will have a kind of pain and joy? What are the policy constraints of the office development? Office space industry can become a haven for the best real estate companies? "2010 China Industry Annual Conference office," one by one for your doubts. Office in China in 2010 the industry is experiencing a historic policy of regulation and market test, a time can be described as turbulent and unpredictable. First of all, the strong momentum of the national office development, according to incomplete statistics, the national office has reached twenty thousand or so, after ten years of development, office development to gradually develop from sporadic considerable scale and level, attracting the participation of all walks of life and interaction and become a vibrant Chinese economy and influence the important part. From the early development to post-operation, China's office is developing into a truly independent of industry and energy efficiency of China's economic transformation and plays an important role in the process. So, China can seize the opportunity office industry achievement, "Blue Ocean Strategy"? Secondly, in the "national ten", "Five States" continuously under the control of the New Deal real estate, as the real economy, the industry most closely associated with one of degree, the development of China's office market has been robust, less restrictive policies, benefit from stability. Then, under the New Deal office buildings, commercial real estate can become a "Noah's Ark?" Finally, after 30 years of development, China's real estate industry entered a new period of growth, many real estate companies have the conditions for commercial real estate investment, began to seek diversification. Development of good commercial real estate projects in the business on track, for enterprises to obtain a stable long term return, and the residential property development risks start to accumulate. Meanwhile, the continued appreciation of the RMB, the per capita GDP more than ten thousand U.S. dollars the city's emergence, plus office undervalued, long-term demand on the rise, foreign investors continue to enter, office buildings, various commercial real estate is becoming the new hot spot for investment real estate companies. So the industry can become a real estate office the best haven for business? In this context, by the China Real Estate Association Commercial Real Estate Committee, the China Research Center office, the Housing Information Network, jointly organized by the Beijing office of information network, the National Federation of Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, jointly supported by China Real Estate Association, "2010 (the first seventh) office building industry in China "will be January 12, 2011 in Beijing.
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