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817 Ding-level office: Yu Yang Central Golden public ceremony Dec. 11
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Yu Yang will be the central golden evening of 19 points on Dec. 11 held a public ceremony, the project is located in Fuzhou, the axis of the most prosperous business - Bayiqi middle of the road, its something coherent Chating Street, East Street the two commercial streets in the city, radiation Dongjiekou Jin Tai Road, the bustling commercial center, integration Street, Taijiang two traditional shopping district. Around the project and the complete and perfect, more than a dozen banks, several commercial centers, five-star hotels around, and lined the surrounding cafes, tea houses, restaurants and so on. Yu Yang Central gold, is the only way in the sale of Bayiqi pure commercial office projects, from Fujian Yu Yang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. invested 210 million yuan development. The total construction area of over 2.3 million square meters, from a single 18-storey building, of which 1-4 for the mall (about 4200 square meters) ,5-18 level for office buildings (approximately 12,000 square meters). Project is expected to cap the end of 2010, November 2011 delivery.
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