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Beyond the quality of the lot beyond the model of State Health Center to cre
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A model for understanding the meaning of the word customer, they know 10 lifts service 18 floors of office space, 1,000 square meters of the standard five-star hotel lobby renovation sense, they know that the new air system smart, intelligent evacuation system, column-free office space for the international office of value. Beyond the peak of the State Health Center (Forum News), whether from the price or quality, are present in Chongqing NO.1. This office, of course, the investment value of the elements of the customer is most concerned about, but the State Department of Health learned that the sales center, an interesting phenomenon: the current contract customers Dasuan own company stationed in the office as high as 68%. This is something the country can testify to the market value of the property exchange centers generally recognized. From the "CBD Golden Triangle" to "Chongqing card" beyond "Only 5 minutes away from the Liberation Monument, from the mouth of CBD Jiangbei about 7 minutes, less than 10 minutes away from the shopping district Guanyinqiao", no such region could be like the era of Nanping has visited! The rapid pace of development in recent years, Chongqing has been a world-class commercial brands of all ages, the south bank of the Pan-CBD area, with the creation of a city Nanbin gold veins, Nanping district upgrades, marble stone CBD planning, and the tea garden town of the building, as the three CBD The gold balance is the full realization of regional value upgrade. Throat at the location of Nanping Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center has been in use since, it has already hosted many international and domestic have a greater influence on large-scale exhibition and conference, has been home and abroad customers. Because of the presence of Convention and Exhibition Centre, has made a truly CBD Chongqing Nanping as the Golden Triangle. Select country huge amounts of money exchange centers and the layout of Nanping, combined with its marriage of the Kempinski Hotel, Nanping, will bring together an unprecedented international support and high-end brand influence, the center will also open new economic model, Nanping , bringing the value of the rapid increase Area. That means this: State Health Center has not only become the benchmark in Chongqing, will become the new benchmark for office construction standards, as well as throughout Asia, including Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and other regional offices in 35 countries and construction standards of the model samples, in one fell swoop Chongqing to become the world looking business cards. From the "work" to "art" beyond The essence of the tradition of the creative spirit of the previous study. Artists who are modern-minded to repeat the shame: the not repeat their predecessors, not repeat other people's, or even repeat their own. Because repetition is the habits of craftsmen, artists, character is created. State Health Center • 5T office, invited world-renowned Melbourne architectural firm in Hong Kong, the idea of the distinctive design of the era temperament steady and construction giant, and this has been the subject of urban edge to Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center, composed of fashion construction cluster. Not the blind pursuit of trends, the most minimalist style stand the test of time, and can be engraved on the whole time the stone material, to build on the modest and brilliant facade office. In this digital age, the care of people is undoubtedly the responsibility of each business conduct. Health centers in the country, settled Kempinski enterprises will enjoy the standard of service, enjoy working with political and business elite of Europe's supreme royal service. Today, the National Health Centre in the spirit of inheriting the essence of the classical basis of business, once again bold and innovative, international technology means to build the ultimate collection of modern art treasures. "When others are still considering what kind of office building, we first consider the State Health Center will leave any city." This is the National Health Centre, a start from the ideal to the concept of product planning, quality construction and service at one go in the "world famous", the value of commercial real estate is not only a model, it is the history of Chongqing Xie Zilou from "work" to "art" of beyond.
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