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Chinas first top 12 hardcover office in Chengdu
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A great city, there is a unique center. Chengdu, only one center. Through inheritance and change, enshrined in the urban context and spiritual ideals, the city center is always a function of the core area of the city, the economic control of the city center and growth pole. As Manhattan (Forum News) in New York, The Shinjuku in Tokyo, in Central in Hong Kong. The center of the city center, it is this movement of city-level business leaders, and the value of a city celebration. R & F Days Exchange Center, is located in the heart of Chengdu, the absolute center, the city's most high-end guide Business landscape. Shun Cheng Avenue - coordinates of western China's chief wealth China is the fastest growing country as much world attention. Chengdu, as China's western development strategy and implementation process of the implementation of the core city in western China is determined as trade, technology, finance three Centers and transportation and communication "two hub" status. S vision of the world in Chengdu, more open, more international, more inclusive, represent the future direction of Chengdu. In the north Chiang Road, Renmin Road, west as far as to Dongcheng Gen Street, south to West Royal Street, East Royal Street, extending To East Avenue, east Zeyi Drum Tower North Street, Tai Shing Road as the boundary, along the total Rd, Funan reached the farthest edge of this total area of about 2.1 square kilometers of area, you can see, more and more Here is the global wealth Together. Man of the world-class, to the most powerful of the top companies, its influence deep and southwest and the whole western China, Chengdu's central business district core of this situation requires. And along the city streets, because of its central core is located in Chengdu, the central business district, as the wealth of Wall Street in Manhattan, like the soul, Shun Cheng Avenue Chengdu doing my part to become the "Wall Street." Currently, 90% of the income In 500 institutions in Chengdu, Chengdu, supporting 85% of the essence, is to shun the city street as the center, forming a strong spatial aggregation. Needless to say, the future along the city streets, meters above the level in the shade of buildings, shining a brilliant luster. Here will be the top office, top central luxury, ultra-functional shopping entertainment Daquan Center, high-end business club, conference and exhibition center, as well as the regional headquarters of multinational companies such as composition. Forest of skyscrapers, not only represents the elevation above sea level along the city street, but also represents the central core business in Chengdu District's wealth level. R & F Day Meeting Center, the central core business district, as troops on R & F Properties to build 16 to 60 Articles on heavy super-complex world-leading R & F days, the city sinks a core member of the core collection of city resources to hardcover super- Category A standard, to redefine the business map of the world, is present in this core area of Chengdu, the only hardcover in the sale of Grade A office space. Central dogma, the achievements of high-end office market dominance September 3, 2010, has a global "King of the hotel," said the super five-star Ritz-Carlton Hotel, the official signing day of the Meeting R & F City. It is understood that each of the city into the Ritz-Carlton, will carefully analyze the city Consumption level of city population, thus making location. Currently, the Ritz Carlton Hotel is only 7 cities in China, opened a 9, with R & F Ritz-Carlton day of wine exchange center settled in Chengdu will be the first Ritz-Carlton 8 with the city. Same time, it suddenly Become the best proof strength of R & F Properties, on the other confirms the R & F Properties harsh on the project site, as well as to create an urban complex, especially in high-end office's international leading position. R & F Properties to build almost all the projects, is always in the best and most central city location, and R & F Properties at the cost of the product in its own design and build, often can be a period of office properties in the city Benchmarking works, widely sought after by the market and pro-Lai. May 2009, the State Development Bank, stationed in nearly 500 million yuan R & F Profit Plaza, Thailand; August 2009, Hong Kong, "Lee Kum Kee" its infinite level (China) Co., Ltd., the amount of nearly 3 billion contract with R & F Ying Yue International Officially signed a purchase agreement, R & F Profit Wyatt Worldwide acquired in one fell swoop half office buildings; the same month, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Youyi bought nearly 4.2 billion R & F Profit half office buildings Wyatt Worldwide. 2009 The three pen of the largest transactions, both R & F Properties's office, which is sufficient to explain the high-end R & F Properties commercial property in the development of national standards and professional status. Today, the super five-star Ritz-Carlton Days Hotel Meeting R & F City settled a strong, further evidence of the R & F United Centre, day high-end office market in Chengdu, the "dominant" status. 4 large value system, the achievements of Chengdu's top Grade A offices hardcover "Occupation of the city center strategically rebuild the city business mainstream values," the goal has always been R & F Properties. R & F Day Meeting Center, with unique central location, professional office project location, the country Hardcover international Grade A standards-based configuration, on the one hand laid it in Chengdu, business leadership, on the other hand, will also open in Chengdu, a new era of high-end business. 4 R & F days in the center of a large value system of exchange under the R & F Property established in Chengdu, hardcover super grade A office space standards. A value system: the urban core locations. R & F United Centre, where the day along the city streets, is the high cost of land in the center of the city center, as a city's political, economic, commercial and financial center, a variety of resources This aggregation. R & F Day Meeting Center will take on a new interpretation of the definition of the top world business platform, carrying the flagship of its international business development as heavy as docking the world economy, being put wealth ahead, silhouetted against the strength of the business was He as a new world stage. Value system II: a world-class resources available. R & F days Chunxi Road Health Centre is located in the business district, shopping district Yanshikou, Luomashi three core business district at the intersection of major cities. Metro Line 1 and Line 4-lane docking, the people of North, who Min South Road, Shun Cheng Avenue, Shudoutaidao artery through the city and other cities. Administrative Service Center, telecommunications, postal services, culture, news, sports organizations and other external resources to gather, R & F for 25 million square meters of real estate development top international MALL - R & F Days Exchange MALL, provides a very complete internal support. Value system of three: top-level business setting. 175 meters of the building elevation, irrefutably become the center of Chengdu city landmark; more than 300 square meters of hall with a ceiling of 12 meters; 4.05 m storey luxury, reflecting a large modern enterprise Home style; 26 high-end brand elevators, 11 days of exclusive service in R & F United Centre, speeds of up to 3.5 m / s, car clear height of 2.7 meters, the space wide; 5A intelligent service system to ensure that office efficient and safe; LOW-E insulating glass curtain wall, central air conditioning and fresh air system, gigabit fiber to the home, more than 800 parking spaces in a standard configuration such as super, all show that the R & F United Centre, high-end business days in-depth knowledge and understanding. Value system of four: Hardcover handover standard. First installed in the southwestern region handover criteria: in the tube and the public part of the senior laying carpet, wall to Senior stone, aluminum, stainless steel decoration, part of the laying of high wallpaper With plaster ceilings; interior decoration, the glass walls set within the shades, floor laying carpet 100 × 100 cm high, some laying on the ground are up 15 cm of the OA network raised floor. R & F system under the four-day United Centre, hardcover collection of R & F 10 years experience in business, shows in the industry R & F Properties advanced international concepts, but also become the Beijing International Trade Building, Shanghai Jinmao Tower, etc. , China's top office, Block 12. Chengdu is very fortunate!
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