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High-grade office buildings in China to provide professional characteristics In
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Ruida system equipment from China, developed a set of commercial buildings in China Investor, catering, entertainment, leisure and office as one integrated high-end office space. In terms of environment or from the cultural atmosphere of the measure, the project Beijing will become a little green garden environment with elegant high-end fusion of Arts and Humanities office. Three-dimensional transportation network reap opportunities China Chang'an Building, located in the Western Investor Lugu community, the project covers 1.2 million square meters, building height of 80 meters, construction area of 80,000 square meters. For the business area of over 20,000 square meters (ground four, ground floor), Pro Street width of 60 meters. Covers an area of 162 hectares north of the Beijing International Sculpture Park, south of the original compound in the Swiss company of about 20,000 square meters of ancient forest green, east of the city is 150 meters wide green belt, west of Ocean Landscape Area . Ten minutes walk to reach the Yuquan Road subway station, there are more than 10 bus lines through the building. Imposing prominent modern elegance, technology, serious style The use of modern energy-saving technologies and materials, environmental protection, use of modern building design practices, architectural styles in the concise comparison, the overall effect of shaping, in the detail of each building facade and reflected in the careful scrutiny The inherent quality of construction, so as to achieve the harmony of the whole and detail. All glass curtain wall exterior decoration, bright luxury. The north side of the entrance building for the business, coupled with luxurious decoration, highlighting the VIP style of the 15-meter tall lobby space, with sightseeing elevator in the lobby through two, three, four, all the way Enjoy the beautiful scenery. The south side of the entrance to office area, 10 meters tall, empty hall, the hall for the cool white tone, while efforts to form a sense of simplicity, behind the reception desk for the black stone wall of water, in sharp contrast with the wall colors, decoration Distinguished and elegant. Five-story building with 300 square meters 20 meters high pick in the empty hall, an imposing and elegant. Efficient use of night lighting, energy saving, long life and high-intensity gas discharge light source, through the blue and white colors and the main points, lines and planes, combined with the performance practices, highlighting the building's modern, technology and solemn of the features. Provide specialized, features, integrated services 1 floor underground 4 floors to the ground floor area of 2 million square meters, from the business center, finance, catering, entertainment, sports, business clothing, and other formats composition. 5-20 layer Scriptorium. ,5-9 level in which the Court used in the office setting to maximize the surface area by the window, adequate lighting. 5 has a hollow floor lobby, providing customers with good negotiation and leisure venues. Business matching Business center, conference room, reception room to support 20 to 100 people were meeting, function rooms, providing network, video, multimedia presentation. Smart high-quality office equipment and facilities Building automation systems: on the floor of the power supply system, central air conditioning, fresh air, heat exchange, fire, automatic alarm system for real-time monitoring of major equipment, to meet the various system functions, management and information sharing to Requirements, the project took into account the formation of intelligent system integration system, the BA system, integrated wiring systems, security systems, parking management systems, radio systems and automatic fire alarm and control systems, such as weak systems Optimized control, to ensure that buildings achieve high efficiency, economy, energy, coordination of the operational status, to achieve the intelligent building management and control. Building is divided into full-air system central air conditioning (-1-4 layer) and fan coil plus fresh air system (5-20) layer, refrigeration equipment for three reason one unit machine screw unit. Buildings are equipped with the water (flushing) system for Way for the frequency of water supply. Elevators: Building A total of 12 vertical lift, in which eight passenger elevators, fire ladder two, sightseeing elevator 2. Maximum load capacity is 1000kg, lifting height is 82.2m. Elevator system to provide low latency, high efficiency, ride comfort Services. Automatic Parking Management System: Building is equipped with automatic parking management system, providing access to vehicles, image contrast, degree of free parking instructions, radio frequency ID cards quickly through the other functions.
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