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[Shijiazhuang] Lun Sheng Yang Mun-end
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Door in the east Kunlun Sheng Yang Xiangyang Road District No. 2 the focus of real estate network, Victory Street and Sunningdale Road junction, has been capped quasi existing homes, the whole floor sales price 6180 yuan / square meter. Project for the two 28-story tower 1-5 focus on the decoration layer 底商 home network ,6-28 level for office. Project is a residential development and construction of Shijiazhuang City by the companies carefully build chinaren, the major service operators in the two major market brand, set high intelligence office, product display, business negotiation, ordering and settlement functions in one, the project's chief brand positioning in North China operators building. Projects around the transportation is convenient, complete and perfect enough to meet the needs of modern Class A office.
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