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We need what kind of building
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We need what kind of building

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Japan is visited mentally return, do not carry the impulse of pen style or manner of writing from time to tome, do not wish to face up to the beauty of those buildings, gardens however, it makes me in that way feel restless!

Because appear constantly in my brain, on the old building that is those invaluable that are pulled down hind, build a new “ Mingqing again ” of a street, my Ceng Jian is too more than a city is travel tourist attraction with this. Although had been built later still be a cold and cheerless, but appear and the pace of follow-up of not cloggy successor.

I dare not face no less than design of the certain building of our instantly, gardens, Tao Yi, furniture is same, sometimes whether has the traditional structure that can I suspect nation of an ancient name for China those elegant, elegance, gardens, furniture, Tao Yi existed really? Their true existence passes in case, so, the design of the modern building of a few cities of instantly, gardens, furniture, why to always make us so unfamiliar, hard self-identity feels?

Japanese town building, gardens and landscape design pay attention to the delicate processing to detail, in order to improve urban whole environment. This kind of “ is in have sth in mind greatly, small part begins the design concept of “ , arrive greatly urban environment, small the design to guide, have encyclopedical beauty not only, also having delicate beauty. And our design is however in fast rhythm dash forward those who show is coarse with pallet, we lose almost to use up in the spirit with utilitarian humanitarian lieutenant general, we are in of like a swarm of bees borrowed each other with in imitating, die out oneself creativity.

I always can hear a few places to go in for sth in a large scale inside chiliad ancient city building, overturn ancient city wall, finish ancient building, somebody thinks to do well even modern city construction is about destroy the old and establish the new, without destruction there can be no construction. After precious civilized tradition is cut off quickly, the building design of new city is behaved to future not know what to do, be forced to borrowed blindly and be copied, those who replace is to brushing those who resemble butyric cake color, bos not the barpque building on the west, imitated Ou Shijian is built group exceed large-scale square to wait to sweep across and come with what reflect achievement in one's post. We pay close attention to the lofty, grandiose, air of urban building and square only it seems that, never considering urban building and square is why person and build, never also be on consideration design how can't bear coarsely. Make these buildings that disregard urban characteristic to be the United States with “ big “ , from south to north, from east arrive on the west, can be found everywhere.
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