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Decorate a design: Have class decorate should reflect 5 kinds of features
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Decorate a design: Have class decorate should reflect 5 kinds of features

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: The action of the design is to make the space becomes owner the symbol of showily life and outspread, the life that reflects owner everywhere chases after grade of sue for peace, pay attention to the integrality of use function and comfortable sex. For this, act the role of scene adornment to listen attentively to the aspirations of owner in time, summary gives those who have class to decorate should reflect piece the following 5 kinds of features:

It is with concise, plain design gimmick creates a pure and fresh, comfortable, relaxed room core condition, the person in letting return the home as far as possible has a kind of mental state that loosens completely, is not another is entered again after letting a person leave the job with the design of loaded down with trivial details and complex colour multifarious and the environment that has pressure feeling.

2 it is all material all choose avirulent, insipidity, expect without profile of emissive environmental protection.

3 it is the decisive stuff that should have very high demand to function and wear, provide like ambry, clean, the floor, all be first choice standard with the actor bad of character, maintain the time that wasted owner already and money often otherwise, also can affect the life quality of owner.

4 be with as far as possible little material sort and material colour, adopt elaborate design, achieve unified and abound indoor effect of change, the personalized decoration that is client family property at the same time provides the space that a greater freedom spends.

5 be with concise, simple design ploy, the construction precision that goes up to detail processing especially raised taller requirement.

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