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The principle of the design that prevent thunder of the building and course of a
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The principle of the design that prevent thunder of the building and course of action

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: In high-level architectural construction, answer to begin from the fundamental construction of the building, soil of embedded of body of will artificial ground connection medium or use picket radical and earth to be linked together form ground connection network, after that the building inside every column advocate muscle photograph solder is formed repeatedly bring get offline, bring get offline the lower end and ground connection net are linked together, bring get offline on end is perpendicular lay to housetop, with avoid thunder is taken or be well versed in of lightning arrester photograph. Ask according to national standard: Exceed the building 30m with tall 30m and above every other 3 wall a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces around the outline outside the building make grading ring, an organic whole solders a large number of reinforcing steel bar inside the girth in every, column board, and with bring get offline solder, make whole builds a structure to form Faraday thereby equipotential system- - basket type avoids thunder net, make architectural whole was formed equipotential, prevented the magnetic induction of thunder.

The metallic door window that exceeds 30m point to high-level building camber, as the one part of the building, to prevent side be struck by lightning, often use more grant to bury iron, iron will be buried in granting to bury construction bring with the column muscle around get offline photograph solder is connected, when waiting for installation metal window again by metal and grant to bury iron 3 place of at least 2 ~ solder, or use metallic window to be taken oneself screw and grant to bury a join. Adopt above measure, make building whole be well versed in, conduce to protective building sparing not only the damage that be struck by lightning causes, and the effect that still can have tutelar body security.

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