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The design is unavoidable solution of to hydrate of wind of pointed horn of sitt
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The design is unavoidable solution of to hydrate of wind of pointed horn of sitting room of column of pointed horn bridge

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Because build the matter that designs a respect, the sitting room of a lot of contemporary residences is put in move pointed part and Liang Zhu, not only impressions not beautiful, and right the person that reside constitutes pressure, this geomantic to the residence impact is very big. And raise aesthetic angle from the residence will look, also want to expend idea more, can make otherwise the sitting room loses harmonious tube-shaped part. Because this must try,try to dissolve. Dissolve pointed horn to have the following kinds of idea;

The 1 ark that use wood comes a pointed horn fill and level up, tall ark or low ark all but.

2 one the basin is lofty and shock evergreen is put in pointed horn, this also but the influence with conduce pare pointed geomantic to the sitting room horn.

The 3 pointed horn in the sitting room putting aquarium also is good change evil spirit path, the water because of aquarium but pare sharp-angled is oppressive, your this horn gas has room for manoeuvre greatly, not only accord with geomantic path, and but beautification lives in landscape.

The 4 methods that adopt fill and level up of pointed horn of board of in order to, if copy masts with wood a pointed horn is complete cloak rises, the suspension on the board wall that builds in this next traditional Chinese painting of a landscape, had better be graph of Mount Hua sunrise, will execute this needle role with the high mountain. Come so, already beautiful and can close change evil spirit effect.

The one cut among 5 pointed horn is drawn out empty, set the stage of multilayer and ligneous flower of an arc, put the plant of a few Xian Run, essay uses illume ejaculation the light, such, avoided to show a person with acuteness already, also make full joy of life is added suddenly in the home, change fraud to be benefit, make the window of scene of a view in the home.

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