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Who is dictate artwork price?
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Who is dictate artwork price?

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Artwork is not a necessaries of life, the consumptive group of artwork is narrow, consumptive flexibility is very big. Accordingly, china has “ flourishing age to receive antique since ancient times, troubled times hides the old saying of gold “ . Social politics is stable, the world is too smooth, rich the one part person that rise begins to play the artwork that removed edify disposition, cultivate one's morality to raise a gender. The person that employ is much, become a common practice of social photograph edge, the price is climbed successively litre. Conversely, the catastrophic society of turmoil of war, life of common people of the common people is not protected, back and belly is not being had, although like antique calligraphy and painting, also won't have mood mingle with men of knowledge and pose as a lover of culture. And, the saves not easily antique calligraphy and painting in their meeting handle changes quickly now, fold bullion, hoard rises. Some closer year, a few cities discover the hoard of bullion or copper cash for many times, it is to be in turmoil of war in the main, host hides the saving that count era at underground, because the times is ages ago, landforms changes, the host that hides cellar and own later generations in succession demit world, enormous wealth is hidden at underground forever, it is in recent years urban building goes in for sth in a large scale only building, just see light. Some cannot change show and the porcelain miscellaneous jade article of easy hoard, also can bury greatly at underground only, lose forever even come up out of land a showing chance, consider its price harder. Accordingly, flourishing age is collected, troubled times hoard, make one of appearances of society of Chinese ancient time.

The war is the destruction to peace, the vogue that is linked together with peace and art also cannot escape by sheer luck. The Second World War makes European most country is immersed in gunfire. To flee European chaos caused by war, large quantities of one artists, collector was carrying antique artwork to enter the Switzerland of corner of be content to retain sovereignty over a part of the country. Before World War II, the Tibet of Swiss collector is tasted buy from abroad mostly, large quantities of European artwork flow into Switzerland during World War II and the price work off with lowermost cheap, swiss immediately appeared many auction firm that specializes in artwork, swiss Basel still has a lot of artwork that come from Germany and other Europe country now.

During World War II, especially France by occupational later, weakened what the world regards as art since Paris is long-term severely position, france and European country large quantities of one artists migrate as refugee tide America mainland, give priority to the United States of body in order to emigrate especially. Europe's most popular at that time surrealism group came the United States almost, large quantities of European contemporary artwork with extremely cheap price driftage United States, the art that becomes the whole people of America mainland first time is illuminative. Afterwar and active at 20 centuries the abstract expressionist art of 559 time, rise in the development on such foundation namely. The occurrence with expressionist abstraction, make the United States becomes what afterwar west art moves to get bellwether not only, and overturned long-term since the position that Europe regards the world as artistic center.
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