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Germany should build the world the biggest pyramid 700 euro but " enter "
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Germany should build the world the biggest pyramid 700 euro but " enter "

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Mention pyramid, people can associate to Gu Ai and law to often wait for noun of rich and mysterious colorific with mummy normally. However, perhaps after a few years, the law that Everyman also can resemble archaic Egypt often is euqally inside pyramid death. Germany group of a few folk is raising fund build the pyramid of ” of contemporary edition of a “ , provide the place that rest for whole world dead.

700 euro but “ is entered”

According to England " Sunday peaceful interview person newspaper " 2 days of reports, this giant graveyard will by conception person the monumental ” that calls “ all of us or ” of “ people mausoleum. If hope to enter ” in back “ among them, need pay 700 euro, in the concrete megalith that the dead's urn can be embedded one makes an appointment with 1 stere, with Yu Jianda.

The conception of this one plan person one of, German economist is delayed this Er of · the base of a fruit says, pyramid is opened to everybody, and buy the fare of position Everyman can afford.

It is reported, already the hundreds person that comes from world each district booked ” of grave of megalith of a “ for oneself, if again pay brushstroke charge, stone grave still can ask to undertake decorate and be carvinged according to the individual.

" Sunday telecommunications signs up for " speak say, if pyramid project is true make a great coup, the profit that it brings will be astronomical, the law gets rich often there won't be so much money in the dream.

Imitate Gu Ai and pyramid

Pyramid is the building of stone build by laying bricks or stones of a kind of square, fastigium, dimensions is baronial, it is the mausoleum that Gu Ai and royal family bury kingly, queen or other member. The pyramid that Egypt heretofore discovers makes an appointment with 80 in all, the pyramid of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad husband that is located in auspicious Sa upland among them is Egypt the pyramid with existent the largest scale, be as high as 136. 5 meters, be known as one of 7 big miracle ” of “ world.

Controller of German pyramid project expresses, although ” of “ people mausoleum builds plan to had be notted knock finally,decide, but affirmative meeting is on certain level the exterior that imitates Hu Fu pyramid and structure. According to initial tentative plan, the concrete block that builds a tower to use makes an appointment with 40 million stere, tower design is 488 meters highly, at the appointed time, ” of pyramid of the most grandiose “ makes this world introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad necessarily husband pyramid is inferior by comparison.
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