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Gao Di: Know Spanish nation and structure
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Gao Di: Know Spanish nation and structure

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: In Spanish culture year on mobile press conference, sun Jinrong of deputy director general of city construction bureau is replying to enter Jin Hua to have to Spanish style building why when the problem of the view, think building itself is an art, also praise highly lets a hundred flowers blossom. Now residential building dish structure style also is in trend diversification, for Jin Hua the citizen provided the living experience with high quality more, strengthened a building dish appropriate resides a gender, also improved whole person to rank an environment.

Actually, on architectural art expression, spain has been born a building Great Master in European widely known, he is Gao Di.

Barcelona of European famous city with unique structure artistic and celebrated, this city is almost all the building that has great reputation most out the hand of one person, this is called Barcelona on building history most the halfback, maddest building artist, it is Gao Di. Because,be Gao Di, just had Barcelona more brilliant now gorgeous beauty. Many tourists are to view and admire building art of Gao Di, just go to Spain.

Anthony abstruse Yi of · of · Gao Di · Keerneite, was born at be less than a of 100 kilometers small town from Barcelona on July 26, 1852. One's previous experience the Gao Di at family of metallic technology division, teenage times has done forging, had learned again carpentry, cast-iron with model film. Gao Di obtained architectural bachelor's degree 1878. He left the building classic of 18 be handed down from ancient times for the world, have cultural relic of level of 17 states that be labelled by Spain among them, have bequest of culture of 3 worlds that be labelled by U.N. Educational.

Gao Di's building is different from before the Europe type building that we see. As the philosopher that conveys an idea with the building, gao Di refers to Spanish tradition building compose, the building is sculpture, it is symphonic, it is brushwork makes a poetry. In this one thought guidance falls, style both neither of Gao Di is dinkum Gothic, also not be Romanesque or Composite, however shirt-sleeve Oriental Mohammedan style, modernistic, naturalistic wait for a lot of element, it is Gao Di of “ of a kind of height change ” artistic building, he rejects to be used on the building linear, he thinks is factitious point-blank, the curve just is natural. Gao Di most geometrical body of the preference is circle, hyperboloid and helicoid. Slam the door dye-in-the-wood linear design, gao Di makes with the building of case of land wind of different and general Europe Barcelona becomes the city of a dream. The home that the rice of the hand that appreciating out Gao Di pulls, Batelue park of Er of apartment, dagger dust, and emperor of his half-baked work ——— is familial cathedral, have to associate to Spaish to have the courage to think dare be, the nation with bold bold and unconstrained is characteristic.
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