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Art rushs into the soul of office world
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Art rushs into the soul of office world

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: What move neatly is giant spider sculpture, the artistic theater that open air opens, lou Yu carries the house of Sen Yi art of the layer on the head, hind the urban essay of contemporary design, small to streetlight, seat, dustbin, potted what reflected art and community is interactive, can participate in a gender ……

The capital of a country east center of 6 wood city, it is the newly mark of current Japan, here, office space, commerce space and urban space photograph are shirt-sleeve, the detail of every space, dynamic, artistic, interactive element play arrived extremely the tourist outside coming to attract the churchyard of nearly 100 thousand everyday, be equivalent to Tokyo Disinile the day discharge of garden.

Center of Suo Ni of —— of mark of Berlin new ground also emphasizes the confluence of urban space and office space extremely, adopt art to change the skill that establishs face and airspace to change a design, aggrandizement the person is agreed with to architectural and affection ……

Be in abroad, office building value, business affairs value and urban value unifinication bind already hasten is mature, and be in Shanghai, the beach outside having what hundred years building reads extensively is brilliant, suzhou river is coastal originality, artistic the rise of community, both and character, the careful that treats the history spends a meaning bigger. And be in urban center, high buildings and large mansions gathers, in architectural forest more be hind the simple originality of industrial times and repeat a design, it is the load one's writing with fancy phrases of contemporary material, combination even. Build aesthetic to city value and urban phylogeny look up at was not taken seriously far.

The Chun Zhisheng edifice on core gold corridor, it is a true artistic element. Piano is black and white of clavier move feeling building be goinged to by the confluence of appropriate establishs a face to go up, lamplight is jumped move, smooth shadow twinkles give building vitality He Yun to move feeling, through can be being inspected, the explicit figure force that can feel, agree to be worn high, light course is stereo traffic heavy traffic, city flourishingly like vigor and dream of ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye play.

Be in Pu Xiquan's new international form to exceed CBD core personally, groups of a batch of burgeoning office of trade of 5A first class gathered all round Chun Zhisheng edifice, become Shanghai on the west the area is distinctive platform of international business affairs. Such as greenbelt and achieve division of edifice, greenbelt to achieve edifice, greenbelt to achieve edifice, Great Wall edifice, Shang Cheng together international, explain the edifice. They bore the weight of respective function. And achieve an edifice to be a target with the new person that Lou Yu of 5A of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of one verticillate condition leads. Chun Zhisheng edifice is the forerunner that advocates with artistic value is a mission.
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