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Sweden: Building heating is energy-saving example
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Sweden: Building heating is energy-saving example

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Total energy uses up Swedish whole nation in, building heating was occupied 1/4 strong, and in building gross of specific power consumption, warm oneself one is occupied 87% . Accordingly, energy-saving residence the first be about heat preservation. ## text Sweden is located in boreal Europe, winter is endless and cold, the summer is brief and cool, the sources of energy with all the mainest buildings is used up even if warm oneself. Accordingly, the building is energy-saving became Sweden energy-saving the Chongzhongzhi that decreases a platoon is heavy. Sweden is energy-saving the residence uses brunet coating and building materials more from the exterior, this is OK days draws solar energy more as far as possible. On wall body building materials, basically used air brick wall to reach its technology of compound wall body, the solar energy that draws with making build maintains existence wall easily inside, unapt rapid prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Current, land source heats up pump to had entered Swedish family gradually, it should be mixed than electric boiler fuel boiler is energy-saving, average and OK 30 % reach managing user the heat addition charge of 40 % .

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