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Why does energy-saving building fall on blueprint only
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Why does energy-saving building fall on blueprint only

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Does our country have true energy-saving building after all? This looks seem simple question, gotten result is done not have however so simple.

According to construction the ministry did the conclusion on the press conference newly in the country on January 18 this year, our country builds a building to come true already basically to be designed by energy-saving standard, energy-saving architectural scale rises ceaselessly.

Ever had become architect, currently hold the post ofWSP the sources of energy (China) the Zou Jiayuan of chief delegate has different opinion however, “ Beijing is China the building is energy-saving the city that becomes best, but if press rigid standard,measure, hardly a building can say to go up energy-saving building ” .

Build a public data to show, up to 2006 the end of the year, each district builds a project to carry out the scale of energy-saving design standard to be 95.7 % in design phase, construction phase carries out the scale of energy-saving design standard to be 53.8 % .

Chou Baoxing of construction ministry undersecretary ever expressed to media, up to 2006 the end of the year, our country already accumulative total builds energy-saving floor area 1.06 billion square metre, but the 7 % that energy-saving building occupies countrywide town to have floor area already only.

At present home is opposite “ there is deviation on energy-saving architectural understanding, a lot of people feel to the building increases energy-saving technology as far as possible, this building is energy-saving. Actual either such. ” Zou Jiayuan says, the simple overlay of this kind of technology is used, not only cannot increase energy-saving result, may make the building increases specific power consumption instead.

In eye of Zou beautiful Yuan, the building is energy-saving saw building of a certain monomer not simply, think even with the element such as integrated environment, plan to consider from the whole of an area. “ any building is not independent, interact is between building and building, the space between the building is a small environment actually. This environment is about above all energy-saving environmental protection. Just be monomer architectural next design, construction is energy-saving, finally is all sorts of data that in building a course, use energy-saving. ”

Huang Wenhao of director of district of China of building stylist, PTW, once worked 6 years in Australia, began to be in Beijing 2005 permanent, participated in the project such as village of water cubic metre, Olympic Games. He thinks, chinese government had come on stage to build energy-saving standard, the requirement is quite strict also. If can implement this standard completely, china is in energy-saving on can have very great progress.
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