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Develop building of steel structure of energy-saving environmental protection en
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Develop building of steel structure of energy-saving environmental protection energetically

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The steel structure industry that held on September 15 grows a seminar to go up, if Chenlu of committee member of committee of technologist of application of metal of building of ministry of director of committee of experts of association of Chinese steel structure, construction pointed out ——

Steel structure and steely relation

Current, the proportion that our country uses steel on the building is higher. Chinese building consumed 173 million tons with steel 2005, 50.5% what the building occupies rolled steel gross with steel. Steel is used in the building in, 76% what town house occupies a building to use steel with steel. Among them, skeining thread of reinforcing steel bar, steel amount to 157 million tons with steel, steel structure consumes 15.8 million tons only, 9.1% what occupy a building to use steel gross. If Chenlu thinks, economy is the element that decides to build steel structure to develop, increase when per capita, consumption namely from “ garment, feed ” to turn to “ to live, travel ” , the building will have bigger growth with steel.

2006, crop of our country rolled steel oneself achieve 418 million tons, rolled steel of consumption of average per capita is controlled 300 kilograms. Crop of our country crude steel was more than world sort 2006 2 ~ the sum of crop of 6 nations crude steel. Beyond question, the development of steely industry built the development of steel structure to lay good foundation for our country. If Chenlu emphasized ——

Steel structure architectural 5 big advantages

Steel structure builds one of green structures that are known as 21 centuries, the building structure that its can use distinctly circularly, accord with development the energy-saving building that save the land and economy last the requirement of healthy progress.

Steel structure building is weight light, intensity is high. The residential weight that makes with steel structure is ferroconcrete residence 1/2 the left and right sides, usable floor area coagulates than reinforcing steel bar earthy residence raises 4 % left and right sides. 2 it is aseismatic function good, its ductility is better than the ferroconcrete. Look from the findings after domestic and international shake, amount of collapse of steel structure building is least, our country Taiwan is saved from September 21, 1999 after the earthquake, cognizant arrives this a little bit, consequently steel structure building gets rapid growth. 3 it is steel structure component, wallboard reach concerned ministry to taste make in the factory, reduced spot workload, shortened construction time limit for a project, accord with the requirement of industrialization. 4 it is steel structure component makes quality in the factory reliable, size is exact, installation is convenient, taste easily with relevant ministry cooperate. 5 it is rolled steel can reclaim, when build and be being demolished, pollute to the environment less, accord with push the industrialization, country policy that develops energy-saving province ground residence.
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