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The building is energy-saving: There is construction to go up on blueprint
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The building is energy-saving: There is construction to go up on blueprint

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: “ is current, energy-saving already became subject of a society with environmental protection, it is the ideal of an enterprise or citizen individual not simply, an enterprise of any responsible feeling, include industry leader, answer energy-saving be caught with environmental protection as a main job. ”   on September 8 afternoon, in high-energy effect Olympic garden autograph arranges the system in settle of central air conditioning ceremonially, olympic garden runs system in group president Chen Shun appeals.

That day, in body limited limited company held Olympic garden and share of electric equipment of Zhuhai division power the autograph arranges a ceremony, olympic garden will be in body in 3 period comprehensive concentration installs division force in the center of high-energy effect air conditioning, environmental protection of vortex of world of air conditioning application's banner in the center of this Gu Lun strong heat number is energy-saving technology, integrated can effect tower above is general air conditioning 26 % above, only this one, in body Olympic garden is annual but managing and many energy resources, its also become Beijing accordingly first installation is high-powered the zoology of the air conditioning central is uptown.

It is reported, as accredit of Chinese Olympic Games Organizing Committee development is built and advocate “ science the thematic community of ” of motion, healthy life, olympic garden is making system in while zoology is uptown, will energy-saving blend in community with environmental protection target in construction. In body Olympic garden begins to be in from products plan a lot of detail: The daylighting that favourable geographical position of the use of material of environmental protection of the scale between the window that be like the door and wall body, heat preservation, utmost uses nature and ventilated, give solar energy water heater to every owner, distinctive rainwater collects down to to use a system to wait with the loop, mature requirement of energy-saving environmental protection. As a result of these elements, olympic garden returns body to be won the bid in center of attestation center, Chinese energy-saving product certification awards “ attestation of residence of first China energy-saving environmental protection jointly pilot project ” .

Before this, our country already was promulgated carried out " build quality of energy-saving engineering construction to check and accept a standard " , aggrandizement build a building to carry out energy-saving mandatory standard to superintend strength, announce by office of legal system of the State Council " civil building is energy-saving  of byelaw  draft " face a society to ask for an opinion publicly to already also ended a few days ago, with commodity house energy-saving and relevant content also is about to write into the contract that buy a house, right the person that violate is highest can be in 500 thousand yuan of amerce. Can saying the building is energy-saving already was as irrelevant as fine long hair of common common people topic no longer.
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