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Intelligent building should innovate in the energy-saving job that decrease a pl
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Intelligent building should innovate in the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: On June 3, of print and distribute of the State Council " energy-saving reduce an omnibus work program " , planned the energy-saving job of China that decrease a platoon, more the method with systematic project, have working cause science is decomposed reasonably, from policy, devoted, code, finance, technology, management, execute the law, the respect such as conduct propaganda, all-around the ground did deploy to the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon. On June 26, the “ that construction ministry puts forward about fulfilling " the State Council about print and distribute energy-saving the announcement that reduces an omnibus work program " executive plan ” , the building that refined construction industry further is energy-saving the job.

The article tries to be unscrambled from intelligent architectural angle " energy-saving reduce an omnibus work program " , discuss intelligence to turn the responsibility that agree of the action with technical due amid and group of intelligent construction engineering carries.

The innovation of the concept

Above all, from only “ change of energy-saving consciousness ” becomes “ energy-saving and responsible ” . Change a system in intelligence before in, although the position is very high,build energy-saving technical measure, but contract to build square “ window ” , project more square “ sells a dot ” , many content names not agree with solid. Below new condition, building energy-saving technical measure is project the square, main job content that designs square, project to contract to just reach property management to just must be carried out, answer to undertake planning to design according to the relative standard with energy-saving building not only, still must give in each link of building lifecycle fulfil. Consequently, cannot resemble previously in that way, systematic project is turned in intelligence in, see the hint given with the eyes that builds person of square moneybag, certain responsibility and undertake ” of “ form project.

Next, execute “ to be used in the round can manage, fine red-letter day can control ” . Intelligence turns systematic project energy-saving technology measure basically is centered in establishment of specific power consumption before, the energy-saving control respect that waits like cold heat source, air conditioning, should turn to be used in the round for “ now can manage, fine red-letter day can control ” . No matter be the technology control of equipment system, still be day-to-day management, want to have certain energy-saving space only, with respect to the measure that should have specific aim. So, always be helpful for using the parameter that can manage, intelligence changes a system to accurate ground is collected and must put store thoroughly, pass the analysis of information of pair of of all kinds real time and historical data, management is used currently can equipment, optimize henceforth with can control and management are politic.
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