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SamSung business uses air conditioning: The real estate that dig gold wins in "
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SamSung business uses air conditioning: The real estate that dig gold wins in " energy-saving "

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Recently, be in Hangzhou when invite public bidding of ” of wide mansion of lakefront of high-grade residence “ , establish SamSung business is brand of air conditioning of its form a complete set with air conditioning, by industry praise the another classic case that uses industry of real-estate of deep ploughing of air conditioning manufacturer for business.

As we have learned, use the promising young person of air conditioning market as Chinese business, samSung is in 6 years short inside time had waited for numerous and famous landed group to establish strategic collaboration relationship with garden of laurel of greenbelt, green jade. Of big alligator of SamSung hope have the aid of and real estate strong strong together, advance its to be in the aggression pace of estate domain.

Big cake of 45 billion market

By academy of professional index of China of —— of estate research organization statistical data is shown, before 2007 3 quarters, chinese estate develops investment to achieve one thousand six hundred and eighty-one billion four hundred million yuan, grow 30.3% compared to the same period. In real estate drive, business grows continuously with air conditioning industry. According to the information that net of home appliance alliance provides, business appears in recent years with air conditioning market prep above year of growth rate of 12% , among them the demand of central air conditioning of the big city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou is more with annual the rate of 50% increases, predict to will form the market big cake that is as high as 45 billion yuan 2010.

Face so inviting market, business sends force in succession with air conditioning manufacturer real estate, and with strong strong together means holds strategic upland. It is with air conditioning with SamSung business exemple, at the beginning of entering China from 2002 namely before ground of look up sex rates estate market one of its core markets, will 6 years take next including all sorts of property configuration such as business mansion, office building, villatic, high-grade residence inside numerous real-estate project, already parted to establish “ in China north, Hua Na, Hua Dongshu the biggest ” , “ highest ” , “ most the example project of ” of essence of life, all-around razzia estate market.

Allied “ 3 most”

In China north market, samSung adopts the science and technology of stage of abundant of project —— Beijing with Chinese the largest at that time area garden headquarters base, showed a number successfully much more online improving a system can the superior performance that system of effect, safeguard stabilizes a respect, make headquarters base becomes large and landed project to use much couplet formula thereby the example of central air conditioning.
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